happy new year

Good riddance 2004, and bring on oh-five. Other than baseball - a major exception, but existing in a separate universe - 2004 sucked. Would I feel this way if we were 19 days away from John Kerry's inauguration?

There was something surreal about watching last night's forced hilarity in Times Square while the CNN crawl gave the number of Americans killed in Iraq and the latest tsunami death toll. Or I should say, more surreal than usual. The whole New Year's Eve thing just escapes me. We save our celebrating for our anniversary, January 3, an infinitely more significant day in our lives. Although we're not immune to drinking champagne and watching The Honeymooners before falling asleep.

Is my timetable overly optimistic? Tamar, who is considering a move to Canada, tells me that her lawyer says it takes about two years from the time of application until clearance to move. Which would suggest that I started this blog - and my goodbyes - prematurely. For another woman Tamar knows (I haven't read her blog yet, but I will check it out), it took 18 months from application to visa.

When I was able to check the CIC website for application processing times, they were running at about eight months - assessing applications received eight months earlier. If that holds up, we would hear from Immigration in January or February (soon!), and I thought that meant we'd be able to move six to eight months later.

But who knows. I'm hoping we celebrate our 2006 anniversary in Toronto. If this time next year I'm sitting in this same room typing the same stupid thing, I'll be frustrated and disappointed. Not to mention really boring.

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