canada is so sane

In this wrap-up about the respective states of same-sex marriage in Canada and the US, I liked this bit:
Indeed, many Canadians have come to regard same-sex marriage as an affirmation of secular values that bind their diverse nation. Acceptance of minorities and respect for individuals' rights are paramount in national politics, even if they clash with moral and religious beliefs.
A Canadian woman is quoted as saying, "I think people will look back and feel bewildered that there was even an issue at all." I agree. One day the same-sex exclusion will seem as bizarre as "whites only" drinking fountains seem today.

The article also notes that the opposition backlash in Canada is getting a substantial helping hand from the American religious right. Not content to meddle in their own national affairs, they cross borders to spread their bigoted, exclusionary, pseudo-morality.

Thanks again to ALPF, scouring the web so we don't have to.


Rognar said...

The debate for most Canadians is quite simple. Does this negatively affect me? If not, why worry about?

laura k said...

That's exactly what's so infuriating about the religious right in this country. I always want to scream, Why do you care????

Anonymous said...

Scouring the web so others don't have to..
ALPF's LOTD (link of the day)

Just how insane are the right wing zealots in the US...


Anonymous said...



Saudi Arabia...


Cin said...

I want to make sure that every Canadian is treated equally.

Will a change in who can marry affect my marriage? No.

Will it cause an increase/decrease in the divorce rate? Hardly.

As my favourite licence plate holder says, "Hate is not a family value".I wish more people would remember that.