sarcasm from a very red state

An anonymous reader (thank you!) sent me two articles, both from Arizona.

Here a sarcastic law student asks:
OK, be honest: How many of you actually moved to Canada following the results of the presidential election? If you haven't yet, there is only one day left to pack your belongings and ship out because after today, you will have implicitly agreed to live another four years under the current administration. Two and a half months since Nov. 2 is enough time to exercise conscientious objection; after that, you're just moving. After all, shouldn't liberals try to overcome accusations of being indecisive this year?
Perhaps they don't teach you this in law school in Arizona, but journalists are supposed to investigate subjects before they write about them. One cannot just pack up and move to Canada, and no one who applied to emigrate after the election could have been accepted yet.

The writer doesn't examine why Canada might be preferred to the US. She only says, "It's tempting to romanticize our neighbors to the north and ironically to see the grass as greener even though most of the ground is covered in permafrost. But, we know better so we stay here."

We know better? It would be nice if she gave, say, one example to illustrate her point. But of course, that would require doing some work.

In a real Arizona newspaper, a writer looks at the numbers of Americans inquiring or applying to live in Canada and talks to a few people on various sides of the issues. (Ms Wang, are you getting this?) Still, she can't stay away from terms like "disgruntled liberals," "bellyaching Yankees" (hey! Redsock resents that!) and ends with the old tired quote from someone who is "happy to help them pack". I can't wait til this gang of neocons shows up at my door with bubble-wrap and twine! Do I have to pay them? Is minimum wage OK, or since that's a liberal scam, would fifty cents an hour do?

It's not a bad story. But someone should tell Barbara Yost that "disgruntled liberals" don't move to Canada. Anyone willing to uproot their life like this is way left of liberal and way beyond disgruntled. Heartbroken, more like.


Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

On the internet today, I noticed this from the Lew Rockwell blog. It's almost enough to make me believe in Christianity again, maybe Bush was sent by God after all......

I too have given a lot of thought to the claim that the Bush presidency is ordained by God, and as a Reformed Christian and pastor have decided that of course it is; if it were not then it is obvious that Bush would be back on his ranch and someone else would be president.

The more interesting question is why the Lord placed this man in authority over America. Did He intend the Bush administration to be a blessing on us for our Christian virtue and love of democracy as the religious Right insists? Or did He intend it as a curse, a judgment on the hubris, corruption, impiety, and the church’s complicity in them, which have plagued this nation almost from the beginning? We do reap what we sow after all. For generations we Americans (Christians in the forefront) have exalted ourselves to heaven, perhaps now we are about to be humbled. Perhaps this catastrophic Bush administration is the rod which the Lord has ordained to chastise us and move us toward genuine repentance and humility.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! If one believed in cosmic justice, this would explain a lot.

laura k said...

That was me, by the way: L-girl. Blogger didn't want to recognize my login.

Doctor Marco said...

I did a search in Google and was astonished by the amount of information and the number of people who want to go to Canada from the US. If things go the way they are going it might become a significant trend. Canada will really benefit from the arrival of the smartest American minds. I am worried about America.