current musical obsession: chimes of freedom to benefit amnesty international

If you've ever seen Bob Dylan in concert, or if you are a fan of his live recordings, you know he seldom sings a song the same way twice. Subtle lyrical changes shift emphasis and perspective. New arrangements funnel songs you thought you knew through unlikely channels. Dylan is not only one of the great poets and songwriters of our time, he is a timeless troubadour, creating and re-creating his music in front of your eyes. (Just don't try to sing along.)

It seems fitting then, that a hugely disparate collection of musicians have covered and interpreted Dylan's work. You can hear eighty of these artists' interpretations by downloading "Chimes of Freedom," for a mere $19.99, with all profits going to Amnesty International. Or, you can buy a four-CD set for only $24.99. The CDs only ship to US addresses, but the downloads can accessed five times. You can also purchase individual songs.

This extremely eclectic collection almost certainly includes artists you've never heard of and, even for huge Dylan fans like me, songs you've never heard of, too. The covers range from the mundane to the irresistible, but which is which will be up to you.

Hey, it's $20 and it benefits Amnesty! What have you got to lose?

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