wacko or parody? you make the call... updated with the answer

As everyone on the Joy of Sox gamethreads knows, I have a tendency to be a complete dolt when it comes to sarcasm online. People say things, I take them seriously and reply... then realize that everyone except me knew they were joking. As the Prince Regent said, thick as a whale omlette.

Yet some things defy parody, because they are already parodies. When I saw this comment on my recent post about anti-choicers protesting birth control, I assumed it was a joke. I expected the commenter's profile to link to a progressive blog. But no. It went nowhere.

But after re-reading the comment a few times, I now think this person is totally serious. And seriously, seriously scary. No wonder he (or she? please, no) posts anonymously.

Wingnut or parody? You decide.
The pill and abortion have almost single-handedly destroyed western civilization. Women should be mandated to have at least two children. Japan, Europe and North America must stop destroying their cultures through abortion and birth control. Only after giving their country at least two children should women be allowed in the work force and all women who have more than two children should be rewarded with baby bonuses and increased pensions. Women wake up and stop destroying us!

Update: Those of you who guessed "wingnut" were correct. The person who left the comment showed up to elaborate. After leaving a spate of disgusting, fascist comments, which I deleted, he did the usual troll thing: random insults, then "what's amatter, can't handle the truth?!", and your blog sucks anyway. (Paraphrasing, of course.) These trolls are devoid of originality.

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