the road is long, but we are many

One year ago, we didn't have the full support of the opposition members of the Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.

So we worked. We educated, and lobbied, and demonstrated. We made our case, with facts and with feeling.

In December, our resolution passed in Committee.

Then we didn't have enough support in the House of Commons to bring the resolution forward.

So we worked more. We enlisted the support of the Canadian people. Across Canada, people wrote letters and made phone calls. We held events where we could educate the public and broaden our support. We worked with peace groups and church groups, labour and immigration. We blogged and we YouTubed and we Facebooked. We demonstrated, and we tabled, and we petitioned.

Now we have enough support that our resolution should pass in Parliament.

This has been, and continues to be, a lesson in how true democracy works. And I owe about a dozen people a huge "I told you so"!

* * * *

Technically, this resolution will not be binding. But as Jeffry House - who represented many of the war resisters in court, and who is himself a Vietnam-era resister - said in comments, the motion is morally binding.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that the government of Canada is responsive to the will of the people.

Stand with us! Stand for peace.

Let Them Stay.

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