u.s. delists wolves, and the slaughter begins

Only 30 days after the US government stripped gray wolves of protection under the Endangered Species Act, the National Resources Defense Council reports that 37 wolves have been slaughtered.

Hundreds more are being targeted by Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, the states that have been waiting for permission to kill these magnificent creatures that do them no harm.

The NRDC and 11 other environmental and wildlife groups are trying ever legal means to stop the killing and restore the wolf's protected status. From an NRDC email alert:
The court action comes not a moment too soon. Eyewitness reports of the latest wolf-killing rampage have been heartbreaking to people all over the world who care about wildlife.

On the very day that these wolves lost their Endangered Species protection, a crippled wolf named "Limpy," one of the most photographed wolves in Yellowstone's famous Druid Peak pack, was shot to death when he ventured outside the park.

Another wolf was stalked for over 35 miles by snowmobile before being overtaken and shot. Another was found dead on the side of the highway, his still-warm body torn apart by bullets.

And, tragically, at least four female wolves have been killed just prior to the denning season, which could doom some of the region's wolf pups.

Wolves simply cannot outrun these relentless attacks. Their last, best hope now rests with the life-saving reprieve that NRDC is seeking in federal court.

Americans are being urged to contact their Congresspeople to protest this slaughter. Donating to the groups mounting the legal battle is also a way to help.

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