made in canada label: good enough for food, but not for war?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced changes in food labeling.

I saw a segment on CBC Marketplace once about the "made in Canada" label on food. (I see they have re-run the show and are highlighting it on the website.) Some frozen fish sticks that were labelled "made in Canada / produit du Canada", with a company address in Newfoundland, were in fact made with fish from New Zealand, processed in China, then sent to Newfoundland for a bit of final processing.

Under new guidelines, food won't be labelled "Made In Canada" unless it actually is made in Canada, and country-of-origin labels will be much stricter.

This is a very positive development for our health and for the environment.

Now, Mr. Harper, can we get some foreign policy that is made in Canada, too? (Canada out of Afghanistan!)

How about some domestic policy made in Canada? (Let Them Stay!)

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