let them stay: toronto star

Just realized I didn't link to this story about the war resisters in the Toronto Star; it's also up on Common Dreams. A positive story with a nice picture of poor Corey.

It's interesting that when my essay about the resisters was on Common Dreams, it garnered a barrage of negative comments. The comments this time are mostly very supportive of Corey and disgusted with Canada. Maybe just a coincidence, luck of the draw. Maybe a shift in understanding.

Remember, this is crunch time. If you haven't called Harper, Dion and your own MP on this issue, now is the time. We've got to get this resolution passed. Keep hope alive: call today.

Stephen Harper: 613.992.4211

Stéphane Dion: 613.996.6740 or 613.996.5789

For your own MP, Google for their website, then look for contact info.

Non-Canadian readers: contact the Canadian Embassy in your own country.

Urge them to:

  • support the motion to allow Iraq War resisters to remain in Canada,

  • oppose the deportation of people of conscience who have resisted an illegal war, and

  • support the will of the Canadian people, not the U.S.'s war agenda.
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