to everyone who has asked to be my friend on facebook

To everyone who has sent me a friend request on Facebook: thanks, but no thanks.

I'm not into Facebook. I wasn't into MySpace or LiveJournal, and I won't be into whatever comes after Facebook. I just don't care. Nothing personal. I care about you. I just don't care about Facebook.

I registered because a Facebook URL showed up in my Statcounter, and I wanted to see who was linking to wmtc. That's a minor obsession of mine; I'll register anywhere to trace a link. I'll accept the friend requests as they come in. But that will be the sum total of my Facebook experience.

As far as I'm concerned, Facebook is just another giant time-sucking machine. I already live with a constant feeling of never having enough time to do the things I want to do. Why would I add yet another use (or misuse) of my time? Most people I know share that time-pressed feeling... yet so many of them jump into The Next Online Thing. I don't get it. But each to her own.

My online life happens in the blogosphere, and through email. And that's enough.

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