iraq war resister leaves canada, surrenders to army

One of our resisters has surrendered to the Army.

James Morriss served in Afghanistan; while there, he refused some clearly illegal and immoral orders. He was ordered to Iraq, but instead came to Canada, and lived in Toronto for a year. Courage To Resist helped him negotiate with the Army, and he got a Less Than Honourable Discharge, not the Bad Conduct Discharge that is like a felony offence.

James always seemed like a very sweet guy, kind of hapless and overwhelmed. (Some of his fellow resisters will certainly disagree!) I'm sorry to see him go, especially since I truly believe we're going to have a positive resolution in Canada. I don't know what led him to this decision. I hope it turns out well for him.

You can hear James Morriss' interview with Courage To Resist here.

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