the anti-earth hour

At Progressive Bloggers, I've been reading about how some wingnuts are spending Earth Hour using as much energy as they possible can. Very conserve-ative, eh?

It's beyond bizarre. Deny human-made climate change, deny global warming. Fine. (Well, not fine, but for argument's sake, fine.) There's no denying there's a finite amount of non-renewable resources, right? By definition. Why would anyone want to purposely waste resources? Would they cook a big Thanksgiving feast, then throw it in the trash? Would they fill the giant tanks of their Hummers, then idle on the driveway for hours? How could people think that wasting is good and conserving is bad? And how could people who think such a thing call themselves conservatives???

Of course they are not conservative, and they wouldn't know true conservativism if they sat next to it at a Klan meeting.

I think it's a sickness. I really do.

I know they make me sick!

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