don't extend it: end it!

Make yourself heard.

The House of Commons vote to extend Canada's mission in Afghanistan is set for tomorrow, Thursday, March 13. And the Liberals will support an extension - for the second time! You can voice your opposition to this lunacy. The Canadian Peace Alliance is asking you to contact key Liberals to demand that they oppose Stephen Harper's motion to extend the mission to 2011.
The Conservatives need Liberal votes in order to extend the mission. The New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois have said they'll vote against it. If the Liberals decide to oppose it too, they'll have enough votes to stop the extension - and to end Canada's war in Afghanistan.

March 20, 2008, marks the fifth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. This Saturday, March 15, people all over the world will hold rallies and vigils to voice their opposition to the continued occupation, and to stand for peace and the self-determination of all people.

In Canada, events all over the country will call for an end to Canada's mission in Afghanistan.

In the US, there are actions planned this weekend, and throughout next week. For a calendar of events, see United for Peace and Justice or Iraq Moratorium. You can search for local events by state here or here.

For information about events internationally, see The World Against War. The mission statement of WAW:
This conference of delegates from peace, anti-war, anti-imperialist and liberation movements across the world declares its opposition to the "endless war" prosecuted by the US government against states, peoples and movements in all parts of our planet.

We oppose the interference of the US and its allies in sovereign states, and assert the right of all peoples to self-determination. We support all people fighting for peace and against imperialism.

In particular, we demand:

- An immediate end to the illegal military occupation of Iraq, which has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and displaced millions of people, a withdrawal of all foreign troops and the full transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqi people and their representatives.

- A halt to all preparations for an attack against Iran, and a commitment to solve any issues through exclusively diplomatic means.

- A withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, allowing the Afghan people to determine their own future.

- Justice for the Palestinian people, and an end to Israeli aggression throughout the Middle East.

- An end to plans for US missile defence, and that all states actively pursue nuclear disarmament.

We affirm the solidarity of all those fighting for peace, social justice and self-determination worldwide, and commit ourselves to strengthening our unity and developing new forms of co-operation.

We therefore designate the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq as a worldwide day of action in support of the demands NO ATTACK on IRAN and TROOPS OUT OF IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN and call on all national anti-war movements to hold mass protests and demonstrations on that day.

Go here to see an inspiring list of places where people will stand for peace.

If you cannot join a demo this weekend (as I cannot) please consider doing something public and visible to show your opposition to these wars for profit and power. Iraq Moratorium has some excellent, downloadable tools and ideas for individual actions.

Please, make your voice heard.

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