Another high-minded post from me this morning. We are really enjoying the new season of "Corner Gas". The most recent episode (height, thermostats) was very funny. I've started to think of this show as the rural "Seinfeld".

I also like "Jeff Ltd". It has a "Curb Your Enthusiasm"-like vibe, with a not very likeable central character for whom everything goes wrong, because of his insistence on being who he is.

We also like "Puppets Who Kill", if only because we're not used to seeing so much sex, violence and profanity on TV. Great stuff. US readers, think a seriously R-rated "Greg The Bunny".

These shows, to their credit, eschew that vile scourge of sitcoms, the canned laugh track. Canadian comedy is doing well in this house.

On the other hand, I've already confessed to not liking "Trailer Park Boys". I just don't laugh.

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