More brilliance from Keith Olbermann. Take 11 minutes of your day to be moved, angered and inspired.

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The next time you reflexively dismiss so-called "conspiracy theories" about 9/11, please ask yourself a few questions.

Why, despite knowing that these people have lied about everything else, do I trust that they have been truthful about 9/11?

Why, when 9/11 is the singular event that has enabled the Bush junta free reign to pursue its overtly anti-democratic agenda, should we not question their version of the event itself - despite the fact that they have never presented one bit of evidence to back it up?

Why, knowing what I do about American history, and how many people, including American citizens, have been sacrificed for wars of profit and ideology, am I unwilling to even entertain the idea that certain people within the American government would sacrifice a few thousand people to further their own goals?

As my partner became active in the 9/11 Truth Movement, I was forced to ask myself these questions. Perhaps you will ask yourselves a few while you read this.

By the way, Allan has been unable to get this piece published at any of the big progressive websites (so far). Interesting.

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