Next year, Ontario voters will decide whether or not to adopt proportional representation for provincial elections.
Ontario voters could be casting ballots for more than just who represents them when they head to the polls next October.

They could be voting to change the election process.

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Marie Bountrogianni is introducing legislation that would allow a referendum question on electoral reform to go on next year's ballots.

The question will depend on what recommendation, if any, is put forth by a citizens assembly tasked with reviewing the current system.

There's been a growing push across Canada to change elections so winners more closely reflect the popular vote.
MSS, our resident political scientist, blogged about Ontario, with links to his earlier posts on the topic.

A similar referendum failed not long ago in British Columbia. In Ontario, as in BC, a supermajority (60%) will be needed for the change to take place, although the vote would be binding. Details are here.

The mere fact that this referendum can take place is, for me, a sign of Canada's healthy democracy. I wish I could vote for it!

Many thanks to friend of wmtc Scott M for the tip on this.

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