we are not felons

Well, Allan isn't, anyway.

Finally, we've received one of our "certificates of no record" from the FBI. It's actually the fingerprints that we sent them, with the words "NO ARREST RECORD" and the date stamped on the back.

A loyal reader in Colorado (hi Nick!) said his took ten weeks to come back; we're in week nine, so that was right on the money.

Assuming my fingerprint card is not far behind, we are poised to take that next big step.


Sass said...

congratulations on your lack of felonies. I hope they send it to you in a little frame, like a degree, which you could hang in your office next to your diplomas and family pictures "Wow, hey, I didn't know you didn't have any felonies! Me, too! I was acquitted."
It only begs the question, though...what about misdemeanors?

laura k said...

Ha! What a great idea!

Of course we knew we had never committed a felony, but it's nice to know the FBI agrees.

As for mideameanors... let's just say in a life fully lived, stuff happens.

Kyle_From_Ottawa said...

Congrats! How many hurdles do you have left to jump over?

laura k said...

Thank you! As soon as we get back my fingerprint card, we'll send off our second batch of documents. They're all ready to go.

Then presumably the next time we hear from the CIC they will be asking for our passports so they can issue our visas.

Once we get the visa, we'll have six months to find a place to live and move.

Tick, tick, tick...

Anonymous said...