top of the world

The observation roof at the top of 30 Rockefeller Plaza - where I spend my weekends as a corporate drone - will soon reopen. When it closed in 1986, it was NYC's third highest observatory. Now it will be the second.

Here's what visitors to the deck will see...

view from 30 rock
view from 30 rock

...and here's a really good story about it by David Dunlap, who writes about the physical city for the New York Times. I enjoy his writing.


sleepybomb said...

am curious, what form of drone? and why bolt?m.a.

laura k said...

On the weekends, I am a word-processor in a corporate law firm. It's the work that supports my writing and my activism.

It's decent work - skilled, well paid, and I don't hate it - so I use the word "drone" facetiously. But 24 hrs/wk, I am a cog in a big, evil corporate wheel.

Why bolt? Do you mean why move to Canada? To that I can only say, go back and read the archives...

If that's not your question, ask again?