lucky man

Michael Moore must be the luckiest artist or entertainer in the United States, maybe in the world. If you are a filmmaker, a writer, a musician - for that matter, a blogger - can you imagine your name becoming synonymous with an entire constellation of political and social thought? Your very name becoming a buzzword?

A polite but misguided commenter informs me, "I bet even Michael Moore would still stand for the National Anthem." So Michael Moore's choices and behavior are the standards to which all progressives aspire! I wish someone had told me that before I exposed myself to all that harassment at Yankee Stadium. Next time I feel like engaging in some form of protest, I'll give Mike a buzz first and ask if it's ok.

I mean no offense to Michael Moore, of course. I have nothing but love and admiration for his work, and I eagerly await his next project. It's not his fault his name is thrown around like that - it's just his good luck!

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