doggie love

Allan just found another way for me to waste time. If you love dogs, you must visit Dogster, the coolest dog site I've ever seen. It just won a People's Choice award, so I'm sure it's zipping all over the web.

Of course I've already registered Buster, Cody and the dearly departed Gypsy and Clyde.

Does anyone know how I can make paragraph breaks in text that you enter into form boxes? HTML paragraph and line-break codes don't work.


sleepybomb said...

see, you need a book too.
but the doggie thingy is too funny! i can see it now, the harpo and sadie site. . . thanks for the link . . . oh yeah got a new tune up and about . . . silly, yet moving and pensive. . .

laura k said...

oh, i have a few. and a few things i should be working on right now... sounds interesting, i'll listen soon. meanwhile, register harpo and sadie!