wmtc poll results: avoidance wins the day

It's not a huge sample size, but the results are pretty clear. Eighteen of 27 respondants (this includes three from the "other" category) voted for avoidance. Avoidance is definitely the line of least resistance, easiest on both the avoider and the avoided.

I'm assuming the eff-off response was a troll, so other than that, a direct "we won't see each other" and a bite-the-bullet dinner came in about equal.

For me, the "it won't kill you" dinner could produce some unintended sticky results. The acquaintance will get the wrong idea, thinking I actually want to be friends, while I'll end up even more entrenched in my dislike, having wasted a free evening. Or I'll make plans and end up cancelling because I can't force myself to go.

Thanks for taking the survey! New list post coming soon.

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