urgent! new threat to toronto public library: make your voice heard

From Our Public Library::

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The first order of business of Mayor Ford’s handpicked Toronto Library Board was to cut 100 librarians and other staff.

Even though there is not a single children’s librarian in the entire system and library staff has already been reduced by 10% since amalgamation of the City, the Library Board dutifully cut the budget by millions with little discussion.

Now, more destructive plans have emerged from the Board. Among other things, they propose to close 38 neighbourhood branches of our public library and increase children’s overdue book fines by 150%. They would allow corporate sponsors to attach their names to prized and historic book collections and shut down the North York Central Library which circulates more than one million items every year.

Also on the table is a proposal to cut almost 20,000 hours of service which would close neighbourhood branches during evenings and on weekends when most people need their library. . . .

Unless we send a clear and strong message right now that these proposals are unacceptable, Mayor Ford and company will get the idea that they are wearing us down and it's just a matter if time before they can cut our public library as much as they like.

We have drafted a new petition that will send your message loud and clear. When you sign a message will automatically be sent to the Chair of the Library Board with copies to your own City Councillor and Mayor Ford.

No one in the city will be left unscathed if such drastic plans are adopted. Neighbourhood branches in every corner of the city would be closed, service will decline to unacceptable levels and the best library system in the world will reduced to a shadow its former self.

Final decisions about the future of our public library rest with City Council which will be voting on budget matters in January.

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Please sign the petition and share it widely!

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