in which i begin my first library job

It's finally happened: I've been placed as a page! I begin my training this Thursday at the Central Library in Mississauga. This is a huge, beautiful library, a five-minute drive from our house, and right next door to YMCA that Allan and I belong to.

I've been waiting for this job to open up for two years, as several branch libraries in the Mississauga system were closed for renovation. You may recall, over the summer I was practicing for a shelving test, which I then passed. That was in July, and since then I've continued to wait.

This is a minimum-wage job - which in Ontario is $10.25 per hour - and I will probably work 8 to 12 hours per week. But since my goal upon graduating is to work in the Mississauga Library System, the job is crucial. Every hour I log will be one hour closer to joining the union and having access to internal job postings. Of course, the additional income will be welcome, too.

I am somewhat anxious about adding another item to my crowded schedule. And I wish the call had come after my winter break. But I also know that somehow it will all work out.

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