back, more soon

We had a terrific little trip to New York. It was a real treat for us to be there together without the crush of holiday crowds, to see family without the big Thanksgiving gatherings, and just enjoy the City. Perfect weather didn't hurt either, especially since we just missed a freak early snowstorm.

There are several things from the trip that I want to blog about, which I'll try to fit around the paper I'm writing, plus studying for the make-up of the cataloging exam I missed this week.

Here's some good news: zero border hassles. We've now had four crossings without detention: Thanksgiving 2010 by car at Lewiston, April 2011 (just me) at Pearson Airport, May 2011 at Windsor/Detroit (hassled about Canadian passport, then allowed through), and now another completely hassle-free experience at Pearson Airport. I think the special scrutiny is probably over - although it may be a long time before I believe it.

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