get out there and march

The "Shout Out for Global Justice" was amazing and inspiring.

I was especially thrilled to see Vandana Shiva and Pablo Solon. Sure, Amy Goodman and Naomi Klein are great, but you can hear and read them any day of the week. Shiva, Solon, Clayton Thomas-Muller - these were the real treats. People who are showing us that another world is possible, and who are out there creating it right now.

Since I'm off from work this weekend, I hope to write about it tomorrow, but more than that, I hope you'll all be able to see video of the whole event.

Today is the day to take to the streets, to protest the G20 agenda - its entire anti-democratic existence - and the police lockdown of Toronto and Ontario.

The feeder march of the Canadian Peace Alliance begins 12:30 at the US Consulate, the main march begins 1:00 at Queen's Park. Women will lead the way carrying a giant coat hanger, to remind Stephen Harper and his G20 cronies that maternal health includes abortion.

Be there!

Thanks to Dr. Dawg for the pic, via pmoharper.

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