throwing another ball in the juggle

You may have noticed wmtc is a bit thin lately. One of my sources of extra income - legal transcription - is busy again, so I'm typing my little fingers off.

After weeks of futile job hunting and emailing of contacts, I'm relieved to get this work. The pay is only moderate, but it's easy, I work at home, and there's no long-term commitment. I'd love to spend my summer working only on weekends - goddess knows I have plenty to do without work getting in the way - but we sorely need more income.

At the same time, I must make sure I carve out time for the things I most wanted to do this summer - reading, swimming, taking long walks with Tala, getting things done around the house. And of course there is lots of activism to do on many fronts.

This all means that wmtc takes a back seat, at least for new material. But blogging will be here when I need it, and hopefully you will be, too.

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