jungle cat world update

When we went to Jungle Cat World in March, one of the tigers was pregnant, and we said we'd go back as soon as the new little guys were old enough to see and touch. Our friend J got a sneak preview ahead of the general public.

It turned out we weren't able to go last week. C and J went without us; here's a bit of what we missed.

But... J came back with news that made me happy we put off our visit: wolf puppies! Jungle Cat World is acquiring two wolf pups. One is a gray timber wolf, and the other is an arctic wolf, who eventually will be a mate for the beautiful Bianca. Bianca lost her mate a while back and has been alone in her enclosure since then, which is very sad to see.

Both pups will be hand-raised. I think for my birthday this year, I'm going to play with a wolf pup!

This is Bianca. While we were admiring her, she broke out in a howl, and the wolves in another enclosure sang back to her. It gave me chills.

jcw 049

jcw 085

jcw 084

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