war resister victory in federal court!

From the War Resisters Support Campaign:

Victory! Federal Court rules in favour of lesbian US war resister

Bethany Smith (a.k.a Skyler James) welcomes positive news in her effort to avoid deportation to the US military

OTTAWA — Today a Federal Court in Ottawa ruled that the Refugee Board must re-assess the case from lesbian US war resister Bethany Smith (a.k.a "Skyler James"). Her story was first captured in a feature article by Capital Xtra soon after her arrival in Ottawa over two years ago.

James came to Canada to escape what she describes as "daily humiliations" and "constant threats of physical violence" in the US military. Her lawyer has made a persuasive case against deporting her back to a situation where her very life could be at risk. As of today a Federal Court in Ottawa has compelled the Refugee Board to re-assess James's case based on new criteria. The decision is seen by supporters as major breakthrough in James's efforts to avoid deportation to the US military.

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In case it's not clear, the federal court is sending James' case back to the IRB, the same thing that was done for Joshua Key. Thank [something] for an independent judiciary bringing sanity back to this politically tainted IRB process.

Hey CIC, are you still reading?? We are going to win this thing!

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