sanctuary: rodney watson and reverend ric matthews in their own words

I have two great new videos to share. Neither of these were scripted or rehearsed; both men are just speaking from the heart.

Rodney Watson, stop-lossed Iraq War veteran, now in sanctuary in a Vancouver church:

And my favourite war-resister video in a long time, Reverend Ric Matthews, who offered Rodney sanctuary:

First United in Vancouver is more like a community centre than a conventional church. It's located in the city's infamous Downtown Eastside, where so many people struggle to survive at the margins of society. The church feeds three meals a day to more than 100 people. As you can hear, for Reverend Matthews, offering refuge to Rodney Watson is in keeping with all his work for justice.

You can help war resisters in Canada by circulating these videos widely.

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