a few quick thoughts on the fort hood shooting

I haven't written about the terrible recent events in Fort Hood for two reasons. One, I am insanely busy. And two, I am both so saddened by and so numb to violent events in my country of origin that I barely have a response. Here are three quick thoughts and one excellent link.

The United States is addicted to violence. It trains its citizenry to use violence, and gives them ample access to weaponry, then feigns surprise at the results.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a very serious condition. Veterans with PTSD have killed their wives and their families and their neighbours before. It's a terrible thing, but not a new thing. One way to reduce the effects of PTSD on society, guaranteed to work, would be to stop sending people to war.

And finally, none of us should be surprised by the racist response to the event, as United States is an incredibly racist society. But we should all speak out against it.

Fort Hood Shootings: Don't Let Racism Hide Truth by RedBedHead. Thanks to Michelle for posting on Facebook.

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