Here's a different perspective from an American who moved to Canada: "American by birth, Canadian by love".

Before Katrinka moved to Canada to marry a Canadian man, she didn't know much about the country, despite having grown up practically on the border. As she acknowledges:
From our vantage point in the GTA we can watch news broadcast from both countries; we can see that US news is remarkable more for what it does not report than what it does and certainly news from the northern neighbor does not make the cut. Why would school curriculum be any different?
I don't know that Canadians are all as sweet as the man Katrinka calls "Sweetness" - after all, if he's allowing people to step ahead of him in line, those folks are probably Canadian, too. But when Katrinka sees her Sweetness in his native habitat, she feels she knows from whence his light springs.

Katrinka is also a neighbour of mine, somewhere in the wilds of Mississauga.

* * * *

Meanwhile, the discussion is continuing. MSS, a professor of government and political science who writes the blog Fruits and Votes, treated us to a free class, and Lone Primate continues to help us all think more clearly. Thanks to everyone who's participating in this conversation, it's brilliant.

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