Travel + Leisure magazine, in their annual World's Best awards, ranked the top 10 U.S. and Canadian destinations. Guess who didn't make the list? From the Star:
Vancouver and Victoria have the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.

Quebec City and Montreal have history and culture.

But what does Toronto have to entice tourists from around the world? Not much, according to the readers of Travel + Leisure magazine.

Four Canadian cities ranked in the top 10 U.S. and Canadian destinations in the popular travel publication's annual World's Best awards.

Vancouver ranks the highest at Number 6, followed by Quebec City, Victoria and Montreal.

But noticeably absent is Canada's biggest city.

An associate editor at the magazine says Toronto shouldn't take it personally. But the omission feels like another slight for a city desperately craving "world-class" status.

"While Toronto has everything, I don't know that it has any one thing that sort of stands up and knocks you out," said Ken Wong, marketing professor at the Queen's University School of Business.

"Toronto's kind of good on everything but great on nothing."
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