You know Allan, a/k/a Redsock, writes Joy of Sox, a very popular Red Sox blog. The other night, our man David Ortiz hit yet another walk-off home run, which he seems to do at a completely impossible pace. It's gotten to the point where we've all come to expect it, which is ridiculous in baseball. It simply cannot be. Yet it is.

Or is it? Perhaps it just seems that way, because we remember the times when Big Papi (a/k/a god) comes through, and forget the times when he doesn't?

That was Allan's question. So he put on his Sabermetrics hat, crunched the numbers and discovered: it's true. David Ortiz is god.

Allan blogged about it - then emailed the post to his list of Boston-area baseball writers.

Good idea.

First Joy of Sox was quoted online in the Boston Globe, in Gordon Edes' online notebook. Shortly after, we heard Edes plugged Joy of Sox on ESPN radio, the radio pre-game show, the TV pre-game show and his newspaper story in the Boston Globe.

To quote another Red Sox blogger, Cursed To First:
It should also be noticed that this tremendous post on Joy of Sox was referenced by Gordon Edes on NESN's pregame show tonight. A proud day of enhanced credibility for bloggers everywhere. Kudos to Edes for revealing his source, too -- and giving credit where credit was due, even if it was to a "late-night fanboy" as the CHB likes to refer to bloggers.
Then this morning, Allan showed me this amazing mention in the Providence Journal, a big Red Sox newspaper:
John Henry uttered one word when told the numbers.

"Wow," he said.

And then he uttered another.

"Wow," he said again.

If you think the Red Sox' owner is being spectacularly inarticulate, well, see if you can do better. Here -- courtesy of New York-based author Allan Wood, Red Sox fan extraordinaire who has written a book about the franchise's next-to-last championship team (Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox) and maintains a daily blog about the Sox ("The Joy of Sox," located at joyofsox.blogspot.com) -- are some facts about David Ortiz: . . .
Art Martone was talking to the owner of the Red Sox about Allan's post? Whoa. Many, many thanks to Art for mentioning Allan's book, too. That more than makes up for leaving Allan behind in New York.

Whenever Allan has a big influx of new readers, wmtc gets a residual bump, too. Time for me to go on wingnut watch.

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