I am often amused at the weird search strings by which some people find this blog. If you use StatCounter or some other tracking service you've probably had the same experience.

I've been saving the search strings for a couple of days. These are only searches from search engines - Google, Yahoo, Dogpile, MSN - not people who come to wmtc through a link at another blog or website. And I'm not listing standard ways to find this blog, like "how to move to canada" or "canada immigration".

I am often amazed at how many people really don't know how to use a search engine. Here are search strings for the last few days:

american girl married canadian in the u.s. wants to move to canada how do i do that

Korean schools built by Canadian soldiers

i'm from the US and planning to move in Canada, do Canada honor US drivers license

what noise do sheep make

picard peanuts [this pops up regularly: someone once mentioned it in comments]

Italian is similar to Spanish

unsigned cheque error remedies

RCN and the government scandal in St. John's Newfoundland

pearson educational measurement SAT essay scorer

smith and smith characters [also a perennial]

funny facts about trolls

what time is lcbo open to tonight [on Canada Day]

nice places to live in Mississauga

standard processing times for applications in Buffalo to move to Canada

words to the toronto song

donica patrick [a perennial, always misspelled; her name is Danica Patrick but someone misspelled it in comments once]

green eyes percentage usa

harold pinter clapton synagogue

robertson davies deptford trilogy chapter five

list of current CEOs fond of cricket

did the slaves travel through niagara falls

mcdonalds iced coffee [tons of these!]

ice capp recipes [lots of these, too - always written this way]

how to make iced coffee decaf drinks

if i take a car to canada, what will i have to show to cross the border?

so how can a american cross over to canada anyway

can i take my dog to canada

american defectors to canada celebration

macchu picchu altitude sick

rent a home in aguas calientes

nice cafes in lima [lots of people now find wmtc by searching for information about peru!]

rick mercer report [almost daily!]

MRI GTA ontario 24 hrs

18th century quebec personal conscience

co-worker moving to another country
What are some of yours?

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