canada day

My first Canada Day in Canada!

Amazingly enough, Allan is working today, although I insisted he finagle at least a free evening. So instead of working until 1 a.m., he'll leave at 6 p.m. - but he's going in early to make up for it. Ah, law firms.

We both work tomorrow, Sunday, so we decided against any of the big happenings in Toronto. We'll just hang out in Port Credit, and catch the end of the Mississauga Waterfront Festival. Port Credit is painting the town red today, so I'll check out some of that by myself. I enjoy being in crowds by myself.

Canada Day is the perfect time to welcome two more US defectors - also friends of wmtc - to their new home. A few days ago, Matt from This Nurse and YYZBoy, along with Sophie and the rest of the animals, made the trip from New York City to Toronto. (Matt comments here as "Matt NYC", not to be confused with M@.)

I read Matt's last post from New York, and of course I relate. I hope they had a good move and I wish them lots of luck settling in. Welcome to Canada!

You're going to see a lot of these posts in the coming months, as everyone starts to get their green light.

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