Random notes on a rainy Wednesday.

It's a pointless ritual in this era, but I dutifully watch the All Star Game every year, and dutifully cheer for my American League friends and enemies. We won, of course, making it ten in a row. Now, in my own ritual, I will savour the day off that completes The Break.

I hate the rain. Rain makes me feel bad, physically and mentally. It's raining. Incessantly. Although it was beautiful yesterday and it may be beautiful tomorrow, rain always feels incessant to me. (Yes, I know the plants need it. I am aware of plants' need for water.)

Theatre today, Ionesco's The Chairs. Soulpepper so far has been mediocre, sometimes good, but the performances are just not great. This one is also bad timing, as I have a Friday writing deadline.

I'm writing about Brooke Ellison, who is running for State Senate in New York. Ellison, 27 years old, Harvard graduate, public speaker, mover and shaker, is a vent-dependent quadriplegic. I wrote about Ellison some years back when Christopher Reeve made a TV movie about her. The movie was based on the book Ellison and her mother wrote about their lives, and premiered just two weeks after Reeve died.

Now I'm doing a follow-up story about her entry into the political arena. I write about disability issues, and don't have a sentimental attitude about it. But Brooke! Now she is an amazing person.

I confess I watched not one minute of World Cup play, although I always followed who won and who lost, and which countries were moving on. I find it really difficult to concentrate on any non-baseball sport during baseball season. I probably would have enjoyed some futbol if we had gone to a bar and watched with a crowd, but we weren't motivated to do that.

I did really enjoy seeing the Toronto area get into the World Cup, though - all the flags on cars, games broadcast in public in the middle of the day, people talking about results at work. I caught the excitement even though I wasn't watching.

In case you can't tell, you've just read a "must post daily" post, a filler because I have nothing of substance to write about today, my head being filled with my own writing. Feel free to post your own filler (or substantial) comments as you see fit.

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