My own, on a small scale.

It seems like a very long time since I've been able to take all four of my non-day-job days to myself. Since returning from Peru, I've been swamped with writing assignments, editing work, party preparation, a mom visit. It's been fun, and I'll never complain about having too much writing work - but I'm relieved to have turned in the last of it for a little while. I'm looking forward to some serious relaxing and productive down time.

Working three days a week instead of two is really making a difference in my writing life. Our last day-jobs in NYC, which we held for a very long time, were two 12-hour days. Now we both work three 12-hour days (in Allan's case, 13- and 14-hour days). In terms of both energy, time and connection to work, that third day is a real drag. Ah well, we knew we'd never see the likes of those jobs again.

Today's favourite search string:

Does getting a dual citizenship for Canada cause an American go loose his social security benefits

This person apparently spent a lot of time at wtmc. I hope it was helpful!

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