Letter to the editor in today's Globe And Mail:
It's a pity that, as a side effect of hockey's return, we have to endure Don Cherry and his rants once again. Mr. Cherry is to Canada what George W. Bush is to the United States: a disgrace. - Werner Schmalz, Toronto
Dear Mr Schmalz:

I wish with all my heart George W. Bush was a commentator on a weekly sports show. He could wear ugly clothes and rant to his heart's content, and I'd never raise a peep of protest.

Last time I checked, sports commentators were not authorized to drop bombs or give away their country's natural resources to industries. As far as I know, no sports commentator has ever made an appointment to the Supreme Court, or stolen an election.

My dear Mr Schmalz, whose sensibilities are so offended by this national disgrace, I will trade you one George W. Bush for an entire province full of Don Cherrys. The United States won't notice Mr Cherry's voice - or his jackets - above the din, and the world will be a much safer place.

Do let me know how we can proceed.


Mitch said...

What a strange comment - that Cherry is CAnada's Bush? I may not like Cherry, but he says what he thinks, and there is no misinterpreting what he means to say. His oppinions are his own, and no matter what, his shirts are always amusing.

Rognar said...

Don Cherry invokes strong opinions, no question about it. I think a lot of lefties feel threatened by him because they feel his popularity means maybe Canadians aren't quite so enlightened after all.

James Redekop said...

I've always felt more vaguely embarassed than threatened by him, because of his buffoonish nature.

Kyahgirl said...

No kidding. That's why your TV has a mute button. Cherry is a loud mouthed bore but, like you said, not responsible for mass death and destruction.

Liam J said...

He reminds me of the bufoonish cousin in every family. People just try to ignore him when he's in the room at family gatherings.

teflonjedi said...

I'm a lefty, and he doesn't threaten me at all. Maybe it's because I'm a hockey guy, maybe it's because anyone who dares wear those shirts deserves a little respect for the hutzpah...I dunno.

L-girl, loved your response to the original letter!

laura k said...

He reminds me of the bufoonish cousin in every family.

Thankfully there's no one like that in my family. Not since my sister's divorce anyway! ;-)

L-girl, loved your response to the original letter!

Thanks teflonjedi! Hey, if Canada does no worse than Don Cherry, it's doing something right.