Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween

I was supposed to be an observer and peripheral monitor in an ongoing human-rights case. Instead, I've wound up in its inner circle partly because of a series of calamities, including the recent death of a key adviser, a lawyer-doctor with a background in prosecution, psychiatry and ethics. Doing this stuff puts you right in the middle of different forms and magnitudes of corruption. For me, the hardest thing to bear is the people for whom harming other people remains not merely a preoccupation but a life-force, including government officials.

The present occupant of the W.H. is without question the worst president in my lifetime, a puppet who spouts platitudes on cue—“I want to thank [an inept charlatan]for his service to the American people," and so on ad nauseam. His miserable "policies" will burden my daughter's generation and your children's generation with crushing financial and social debts for years to come—and their children's children's generation. By the time he's out of office five years, historians will have eviscerated him. Clinton has an affair and attempts to impeach him are made. Bush starts a war, lies about the reasons, and is reelected. His policies have politicized the CIA and FBI to the breaking point, and they, in turn, have degraded and infected our armed forces by being in contact with them. Millions know this now; additional millions will know it by the time he leaves office.

New York

laura k said...

How nice to see you, CB!

Your involvement in the human-rights case must be fascinating and grueling. For two years, researching a possible book about a sexual assault advocacy program, I learned something about bearing witness to pain, how it effects the witness. I so admire your ability to do that work.

Thanks for your comments on the Resident. Your thoughts are always welcome here.

allan said...

Oooh scary!

Wrye said...

Fafblog has been paying tribute to the season all week. As for me, I'll suggest:

Top Ten Scariest Canadian Halloween Costumes:

10) Paul Martian
9) The Ghoumery Report
8) The Parliament with Four Heads
7) The Restless Spirit of Western alienation
6) The Ghost Cod of Dildo, Newfoundland
5) The Chattering Visage of Ralph the Impaler
4) The Eastward-marching Mountain Pine Beetle
3) Don Cherry's tailor when he stops being so conseravtive
2) The West Nile Virus

and #1:

The Spectre of oncoming winter