why i prefer canada, reason number 35,264

Today's poll in the Toronto Globe And Mail:
Do you feel that Canada should participate in the U.S. ballistic missile defence program?

Yes 5306 votes (20%)

No 21347 votes (80%)
No matter that it's an unscientific survey. If you can show me a poll in any mainstream American media that shows 80% of respondents against anything military, I'll stay.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it seems Bush is intent on railroading us into acceptance of missle defence.

I think the PM's tactic is to stall until 2008 and hope that Bush's successor makes it a moot point. He might commission some studies or something to buy time.

Kimberley said...

Canada kicks ass, for sure. Did you happen to see the Daily Show last night, with Jon Stewart? He made a complete joke of this new supposed alliance for missiles and crap. Welcome!
Miss Kimberley

laura k said...

Anon (Kyle?) : How can Bush force Canada to do that? What is he using as leverage - trade considerations?

Miss K: I did see The Daily Show last night - Stewart was great, as always. But even so, missile defense (a/k/a Star Wars) is a pretty easy target.

Thank you for the welcome! Where do you live?

Anonymous said...

Trade considerations. Things like reopening the border to Canadian beef, etc.

So, I predict Martin will try to seem like he's open to the idea to please Bush, without actually doing anything at all. Politics is politcs, after all.


Anonymous said...

After all, sometimes it's easier to smile and nod when dealing with someone who's pig-headed on an issue. Arguing is futile, but seeming to agree and then doing nothing about it is easy.

laura k said...

Right. Makes sense. I'm sure very few Canadians would want to see it actually happen.