the new phone books are here! the new phone books are here!

She has arrived! And I am in love.

Alan The Handheld Evangelist came by last night to help me set it up. I'm pretty sure he would have ditched our dinner plans with our respective partners in order to spend the whole evening focused on The Thing. But we got a few things done, and we'll do more tonight. He's almost as excited as I am about it, which is really saying something.

I'm not, however, blogging from it right now. I'm home, and it's 7:30 a.m., and it's still much easier to type on my full-sized keyboard. But I'll soon be blogging from Starbucks (free T-Mobile Hotspot) and wherever else.

I'll try to keep the gushing over the iPAQ to a minimum, but no promises.


Anonymous said...

Cool that you like your new handheld!

I am a palm user myself and just picked up the new Tungsten|T5 and it is nice! I don't have much use for the wireless internet on it so the iPAQ doesn't really do anything for me.


laura k said...

That T5 looks really nice. I considered it briefly, but the big draw for me on this iPAQ is the keyboard. With a keyboard and Pocket Word, I can write more easily wherever I am. But I also love the wireless internet.