the global village

The horrific destruction in South Asia is an extremely personal ordeal for thousands of New Yorkers. I always notice how whenever there is a disaster, be it earthquake or civil war, anywhere on the planet, a community in New York is painfully waiting for news. New York is the global village.

Looking at the Star and Globe and Mail this morning, I see it is the same in the Toronto area.

I also see Canada is no stranger to the petty local angle. This seems to be universal. "Ten thousand killed in Sri Lanka - two Americans missing!!"


Rognar said...

No question, NYC is the most cosmopolitan place on earth, but you will likely be surprised at how close TO and other major Canadian cities are to New York, at least in diversity, if not in scale. Even here in Calgary (Canada's fifth largest city), there is a community of over a thousand Sri Lankans and the Indian and Bengali communities are many times larger. Canada has been engaged in decades-long social experiment in its efforts to attract immigrants. There is probably no country in the First World more welcoming to immigrants from the Third World than Canada. It remains to be seen how this experiment will turn out.

laura k said...

Oh, I've definitely seen that. I would say the Toronto area seems even more diverse than the NYC metro area, as it seems truly integrated in all levels of society (as far as I can tell). It's a huge plus for us, and one of the reasons I feel I'll be happy there.