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More email from right wingnuts. This guy says he was depressed when Clinton won in 1992 and 96, but he didn't go into therapy or "threaten" to leave the country. (Psst... this is not a threat, repeat, this is not a threat, this is an actual emergency...)

What's amazing here is that someone thinks Clinton is to the left what Bush is to the right. Karl Marx himself would have to run for president to get the equivalent of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Ashcroft. Clinton was barely a Democrat. Or maybe he was exactly a Democrat - and why so many progressives stopped voting Dem in those days.

And no, the neocons didn't go into therapy over Clinton. They just set out to systematically destroy him.

While briefly checking out this guy's blog, I noticed he derides dismay over torture at the Guantanamo Bay prisons. Apparently concern for human rights is not a moral value; conservatives support torture.

I can only hope this attitude sickens many conservatives out there, if only because it makes American servicepeople much more likely to receive ill treatment if they are captured. The blogger also calls the detainees "terrorists", though no one has seen or heard one iota of evidence of this.

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allan said...

If they were "terrorists" wouldn't there be some kind of, like, *charges* brought against them?

Instead, Ashcroft has brought two terrorism-related cases since 9/11 (neither having anything to do with the Gitmo captives, by the way) and they have both been dismissed because of gross prosecutorial misconduct. ... Indeed, Ashcroft has covered more statues' breasts than he has convicted terrorists.

Also the following bit of cherry news from the Pentagon (written in August and withheld until after the election (surprise)) shows that, sadly, progressives are batting 1.000 in our view of the invasion and its aftermath versus the Bush's Regime's .000.


In places, the Pentagon's assessment of the Iraq debacle sounds like it could have been written by our friend Howard Zinn. ... Well worth reading.