outstanding customer service from wayfair.ca

Wayfair.ca has amazing customer service! Their selection is great, the prices are competitive, and they offer free shipping with orders of more than $75. But their customer service has sealed the deal.

We bought two lamps, replacing the lamps that were smashed by We Help Moving's ineptitude. The glass shade on one of the new lamps was scratched. The lamp had been tightly packed in several pieces, and I was dreading sending back the damaged part, or worse, the whole lamp.

Earlier this year, we bought a lamp from Ikea that arrived damaged. It was also a piece of crap, and we asked for a refund rather than a replacement. They sent us a postage sticker, and they had to receive the lamp before they would process the refund -- even though the damage was too extensive to re-sell it.

Wayfair shipped the new lamp immediately, and suggested we bring the damaged one to a thrift store. It was as simple as emailing them.

Our biggest purchase for our new place has been patio furniture. We decided to spend some money on a solid wood set and nice cushions. Some of the pieces -- the tabletop, and a few chair arms and chair backs -- had patches that seemed unfinished or improperly finished -- areas that were rough and discoloured.

We were on the fence about returning them. It seemed like so much work, and the replacements might be damaged, too. Finally we came to our senses and emailed Wayfair.

Wayfair apologized, asked a few questions, and asked me to upload photos. They shipped replacement parts immediately. They said we could dispose of or donate the damaged items, and suggested Habitat for Humanity might be able to use the wood. The replacement parts had shipped before I even read their email. They couldn't have been nicer about it, and the process couldn't have been simpler.

This outstanding customer service puts Wayfair at the very top of our online shopping list.

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