pupdate and soon off to egypt

Things are considerably calmer around here now. The three giant issues we were dealing with have all settled down. One, as much as I hate it, we've adjusted to Tala's absence. Two, we got our insurance settlement and bought a new (to us) car. And three, Diego's health has greatly improved.

The "new" wmtc mobile:
a 2006 Kia Spectra with "only" 155,000 kms.
Our big boy is not 100% yet, and it's disconcerting to leave him at Dogtopia before we reach that. But short of cancelling the trip, we really have no choice -- and he's not in a state one would cancel a trip for. (Trying to not do the graphic poop report thing, thus the vagueness.) We have meds and special food, and our vet is not worried -- which helps a lot.

I even managed to carve out some serious concentrated time to get both my library work and my union work completely caught up before we leave.

I'm madly practicing my Arabic! I wish I had started a few months earlier, or had gone faster at the beginning. I could really use another few weeks' worth of lessons. But maybe I'd feel that way no matter how far along I was.

I am still really enjoying both Arabic and Mango. Practicing on my lunch break using earphones, I've discovered that using Mango on a computer and browser is actually better than using it through an app on a mobile device. Not all features are available on the app. That seems like a design flaw: I'd much rather practice while relaxing on the couch than in front of a computer. Even so, Mango is terrific. I've learned so much more than I thought I would, and easily.

We leave on Monday, February 6. More soon!

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