pollitt: we are all occupiers now

Katha Pollitt on "The Mainstreaming of OWS":
Maybe OWS will vanish with the lovely fall weather, or drift off into the anarchist subculture, or break down in fights and factions. But already it has accomplished more than anything put forward by organized progressives since Obama took office: the October 2010 jobs march on Washington, which the media simply ignored; Van Jones’s Rebuild the Dream; or even the inspiring Wisconsin protests, to say nothing of the Coffee Party (what was that all about, anyway?). As with SlutWalk, another viral grassroots protest movement led by the young, the ambiguities and indeterminacies and openness to interpretation of OWS have allowed people to join it on their own terms and make it theirs. No wonder polls show a majority of Americans support it. It’s a party you don’t need a party card to join.
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