follow-up: cuisinart honours its warranty

This earlier post - "we work to buy things that are built to die so that we must work to buy more things that will break" - was not meant to be about the trials and tribulations of my coffee maker, but I do want to finish that part of the story.

Although the damn thing broke after only 13 months of use - and although I was very annoyed at having to ship it at my own expense to the service centre - and although I was even more annoyed that the warranty also required me to pay the return postage - a new Cuisinart electric percolator has just arrived on my doorstep, 14 days after we mailed off the broken one. The new one still includes Cuisinart's three-year warranty. Perhaps if they have to replace enough of them, they'll start making them more durable.

Also, I did not have the receipt for the broken percolator. It seemed like I had every receipt for every item I've ever purchased, except that one. The coffee maker itself has a serial number, and from that the company can tell when it shipped to the store. You just have to hope it wasn't sitting in the store for two years before you purchased it.

The cheapo Proctor-Silex drip machine we bought to keep me caffeinated in between electric percs did survive the two weeks. I'll now put it back in its box and keep it in the basement for the next coffee emergency.

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