canada and u.s.: join to speak out against tar sands pipeline

Environmental activists in the US see an opportunity for real action against the tar sands pipeline. Since the oil-friendly and environment-hating Harper government won't listen to us on this issue, we owe it to North America to do whatever we can to try to stop this nightmare. See below for two important action links. They're separate petitions; please sign both.

From NRDC:
The [US] State Department is still rushing toward approval of the disastrous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which would enrich oil companies by transporting the world's dirtiest oil 2,000 miles from Canada to Texas.

Please send a message to President Obama asking him to order Secretary Clinton to kill this dangerous project.

The pipeline will drive horrific destruction of songbird habitat in the Boreal forest ... rev up excessive global warming pollution ... and threaten the drinking water of millions of Americans with toxic spills.

The Keystone XL is a fossil fuel nightmare -- NOT the clean energy future that President Obama promised America.

The President told the American people we’d get a “robust review” of the tar sands pipeline, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not delivered it.

We’re not surprised. A robust review would reveal that this entire scheme is a boon to Big Oil and a disaster-in-the-making for everyone else. It would destroy the myth that America needs this pipeline to ensure a supply of “friendly” oil from Canada.

Bringing more of this “friendly” oil to the U.S. will destroy millions of migratory birds and their ancient forest habitat ... turbo-charge global warming ... raise gas prices in the Midwest ... and stands to poison wildlife habitats and drinking water in the American heartland.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

What’s worse, the tar sands pipeline will practically slam the door on a clean energy future for America. It will lock us into the dirtiest, riskiest, most destructive oil on the planet -- for decades to come.

Help us prevail on President Obama before it’s too late. Ask him to order Secretary of State Clinton to deliver the full review we were promised and to reject a project that is so clearly against our national interest.
From Avaaz:
Canada mines deadly oil that creates toxic sludge lakes and destroys forests in Alberta -- and Harper needs Obama's help to sell it. Our own government is captured by powerful oil interests, but Obama is wavering on building a new cross-border pipeline. If enough Canadians ask him to protect the world from our deadly oil, we could tip the balance away from pollution.

Within days, President Obama could decide whether to allow a massive tar sands pipeline right through the middle of the U.S. -- boosting tar sands production and risking the contamination of major fresh water sources in his own country. PM Harper and his oil cronies have tarnished Canada's beauty and reputation, but Obama has the ultimate say on pipeline approval and he’s keen to strengthen his green credentials. He could override Harper's stubborn support for deadly oil.

Harper stopped listening to Canadians about climate a long time ago. Now, we have the chance to lobby the US and cut-off deadly oil for good. When we reach 50,000 signatures, we'll deliver our call directly to the White House. Let’s save Canada’s tarred image -- sign now and forward to everyone you know.

Tar sands oil creates huge tailing ponds so toxic that animals, including migrating birds, die if they touch the water. Teams of people are employed just to scrape the dead animals from the sludge ponds each day. Refining tar sands spreads cancerous heavy metals and sulphur through Canada’s rivers, and many indigenous communities in the area report an increase in rare cancers.

Our government’s push for increased deadly oil production has been relentless. Just weeks ago, when Europe considered applying pollution standards to tar sands oil, the entire Canadian government launched a ferocious counter-attack, even threatening trade sanctions. However, the US has a powerful green-friendly leader who is eager to win approval from environmental groups -- and his rejection of the tar sands pipeline would, according to one Alberta politician, permanently land-lock deadly oil, gutting the industry and limiting pollution.

Many of Obama’s green bills have faced fierce opposition in Congress, but approving the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is a decision he makes alone. Let’s join our friends in the US and around the world to place the spotlight on Obama with our Canadian petition to reject deadly oil. It will be delivered to the White House on Friday. Sign now and forward to everyone.

Canada is repeatedly named the worst country in the world on climate. Still, it is unlikely that our domestic politics will change overnight. Today though, we can still fight to keep deadly oil in the ground and secure a safer climate future. Avaaz members in Britain helped push their government to support a EU initiative to keep tar sands oil out of Europe this summer and we can build on their momentum -- together, we can win a North American victory against deadly oil.
Sign NRDC letter here.

Sign Avaaz petition here.

Also from Avaaz:

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