greetings from the oakland airport

We are hiding in a dark corner of the Oakland, California airport, tucked away from crowds and the unwelcome noise of CNN. Our flight - the redeye - is delayed a couple of hours, but it hardly matters, since we had a four-hour layover in JFK anyway.

Starting this morning in Yosemite, it's a two-day journey home: drive from Yosemite to Oakland, wait in airport, fly from Oakland to New York, wait in airport, fly from New York to Buffalo, drive from Buffalo, home. A long day, but we have lots of books and the internet to amuse us, plus each other. The only catch is I don't sleep on planes. Ever never. Flying home from Peru a few years ago, I double-dosed myself with sleeping pills, and was still wide awake the whole way home. Oh well.

I have a few blog posts waiting in a notebook and will slowly but surely get them up. I've got all the war resisters news and same-sex marriage news which you've all undoubtedly heard by now, but I'll put that up, too.

On the way to California I read Barbara Ehrenreich's Bright-Sided, and now I'm reading This Book Is Overdue!, about the awesomeness of librarians.

We miss Tala and Cody!

That is all.

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