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Ankle. I saw the doctor today about my ankle. (Called on Friday, saw her on Monday. Damn Canadian health care system!)

She says an MRI is unnecessary, since it's clearly not a torn ligament or other condition requiring surgery. She'd like me to get an x-ray, just in case there's a hairline fracture, which is an outside possibility.

Other than that, she recommends a good brace plus balance exercises - but exercises only after the ankle is strong enough for me to stand on one foot. The physiotherapist I'm seeing for my repetitive stress injuries might be able to recommend a brace.

Basement. Nothing. Our landlord is using the basement renovations as an excuse to upgrade the bathroom, and we're waiting for the new fixtures to come in. We'll hit the two-month mark before it does.

I asked about a rent rebate, and the longer this goes on, the more convinced I am that we deserve one. Landlord said he would talk to his insurance, and if they pay, he'll pass it to us. I'm thinking we should get a rebate regardless of his insurance coverage.

We renew our lease on October 1, and I'm going to push for it. I don't look forward to that.

Cody. Good news! We think the DAP collar is having a positive effect! While we were away, our dogsitter told us there was a thunderstorm. Cody woke her up, but was content to lie down beside the bed and sleep - which was unthinkable before. We think it must be the collar.

In general, Cody seems happier and more lively. She's even eating better. The only difference we can think of is the collar.

Thank you, Dharma Seeker!!

And speaking of which... Dogwalker. She's great. She loves animals, she's reliable, and she doesn't have a massively busy life that she's trying to squeeze our dogs into. She and her friend had a great time with Tala and Cody while we were gone. Is it too much to hope that she sticks around? Probably! But I'm hoping.

School. I start my second week of school quite overwhelmed. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking, I have until November 4 to drop one class. But how long do I want to take to finish this program?

Allan reminds me that I haven't been through a normal week yet. I have to give it more time. He's right, and I will. At the moment, I'm not optimistic. But I'm withholding judgement.

Random weirdness. Late last night, I heard Allan urgently and repeatedly calling Tala to come in the house. When I came downstairs, she was inside, looking a bit shook up and subdued. There was an animal in the backyard, and Tala had been tangling with it! Amazingly, she responded to Allan and came when called, I think partly because she was afraid.

The animal was still on the lawn, frozen in fear. We could see its triangular face and big eyes, but couldn't make out what it was. It took a few limping steps, then ran off, seemingly unhurt.

We have no idea what it was, and it happened too fast - and was too dark - to get a picture. It wasn't a woodchuck or hedgehog, definitely not a skunk, not a ferret or some similar-looking creature. Any ideas?

I think we've finally learned our lesson about letting the dogs out late at night. They've been skunked twice, and now Tala could have been seriously hurt, or hurt or even killed another animal. It's leashes at night from now on.

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